Grades 9-12

Rising Grades 9-12 Camps

Five Summer Opportunities Await Girls and Boys Entering Grades 9-12

Start Strong • Cleveland: Read, Write, Eat • Broadway Bound! • Algebra 1 Review and Refresher • Geometry for Credit

Start Strong: Summer Work and Strategies to Prepare for the Year Ahead

Ages:  Girls entering Grades 4-10
Format: One one-week session
Location: Laurel’s Lyman Campus in Shaker Heights
Dates (1 week): July 22-July 26 - $500
Time: 9:00 am-4:00 pm   
Get Organized, Gator!  Summer work got you down? Pack it up and head to camp! This week-long camp will provide students opportunities to fine tune their executive functioning skills and get ready for the upcoming school year. We'll work with students to develop the strategies and habits necessary to improve their organization, planning, time management, attention regulation, and overall metacognition. We'll use examples from daily life as well as academic domains in their assigned summer work. Between lessons, campers will play games, get active in and around the Lyman Campus, enjoy some special cold summer treats all while reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

Cleveland: Read, Write, Eat *NEW*

Ages: Girls & Boys entering Grades 6-9
Format: One two-week session 
Location: Laurel’s Lyman Campus in Shaker Heights
Dates: June 24-July 3 (no camp July 4 & 5)- $750
Time: 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Campers will develop and polish reading and writing skills while exploring the cuisine and culture that can be found in and around the city of Cleveland. This two-week camp includes field trips to the West Side Market, Mitchell’s Ice Cream flagship store in Ohio City, local farmers markets, and more! The group will spend time learning and researching the local Cleveland food market and then apply that research in the creation of their own restaurant proposal and signature dish. The session will culminate in a celebration of the campers’ writing and cooking!

Broadway Bound!

Ages: Girls & boys entering Grades 8-12    
Format: One two-week session; culminating in a performance 
Location: Laurel’s Lyman Campus in Shaker Heights
Dates: June 10-June 21 (no camp June 19) - $575        
Time: 9:00 am-4:00 pm 

Broadway Bound! is a program for students entering Grades 8-12 interested in serving as junior counselors and collaborating on a Broadway revue-style performance. Mornings are spent with Broadway Kids Camp campers and afternoons are spent in rehearsals for their showcase! 

Algebra 1 Review and Refresher

Ages: Students taking Algebra 1 in the fall and those wanting to review material 
Dates: July 8-July 25 - $900 (no class on July 10 and 19)
Format: One three-week session; half-day
Location: Laurel’s Lyman Campus in Shaker Heights
Time: 9:00 am-12:30 pm 
Instructor: Christian Joy Maiden
This three-week preparation and review class is intended for students taking Algebra 1 in the fall, or for those students who may have already taken Algebra 1 but would like to shore up their understanding and skills for the upcoming school year. This program serves as a reinforcement of key concepts and foundational skills that will help students find success in the classes at Laurel.
There will be opportunities to practice pre-algebraic concepts such as: operations involving numbers with the same/different signs; an understanding of the number line and number sense;   how to use/look for patterns in sense-making and estimation; the meaning of fractions and operations involving fractions; how to solve multi-step single-variable equations; secure understanding of the coordinate plane; develop an understanding of expressions and functions; independent and dependent variables; slope-intercept form of equations; systems of equations; solving inequalities using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; understanding the relationship between fractions, decimals, and ratios; solving proportions, ratios, rates, and percentages; factoring and finding the equation of a line; how to read and interpret a graph; the difference between perimeter and area; exponents and order of operations; practicing math facts; and how to take math notes.

Geometry (for Credit)

Ages: Open to Laurel students who have completed Algebra 1
Format: One six-week session, half-day; for credit
Location: Laurel’s Lyman Campus in Shaker Heights
Dates: June 18-July 26 - $1675 (no class June 19, July 4 & 5)
Time: 8:30 am-12:00 pm (Tuesday-Friday) 
Instructor: Gina Palmer
This course emphasizes traditional geometry topics such as lines, angles, polygons and circles. Students explore concepts directly through their own inquiry-based exploration, make and test conjectures about what they observe and apply these conjectures to solve problems. In addition to the discovery of geometric relationships, students’ investigations also develop cooperative learning and problem-solving skills.
Students will be asked to complete some amount of independent study outside of the class sessions in order to use class time for exploration. A typical class session may include group explorations, presentations of new material, individual and small-group practice and/or assessments. A passing grade on a final, end-of-course exam is required to earn high school credit. Students completing this course are prepared for Algebra II. 

Please email Dr. Matthew Kennedy, Mathematics Department Chair, at prior to enrolling in this course to ensure it is a good fit for your student.   
Due to the accelerated pace, Summer Geometry is open to students who receive a B+ or better in Algebra 1, have a strong recommendation from their Algebra 1 teacher, and score in the 9th stanine on a current mathematics standardized assessment.
Financial Aid is available for those Laurel students who qualify.  Please contact for information.